Campbell Scientific AWS at 18/02/2014 10:25, Temp: 9.01, RH: 92.51, WindDir: 144, WindSpd: 2.2, WindGust: 2.97, Barometer: 1007.7, Trend: 0.2, Rain: 0.40 and Davis Vantage Pro AWS at 18/02/2014 10:10, Temp: 9.256, RH: 96, WindDir: 248, WindSpd: 2.26542106264196, WindGust: 3.02056141685595, Barometer: 1008.238, Trend: 0.3, Rain: 0.80

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Date Time: 2018/06/20 10:49, Turbine Speed: 0 rpm, WindSpeed: 8.40 knts, Input to Solar Tank: 0.00 watts, Input to Buffer Tank: 0.00 watts, Solar Relay: On, Buffer Relay: Off, Relay Override: Off, Solar Tank Temp: 37.41 C, Buffer Tank Temp: 19.65 C, Input to Solar Tank in 24Hrs: 0.00 kW, Input to Buffer Tank in 24Hrs: 0.00 kW, Total Energy Generated in 24Hrs: 0.00 kWatts

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Choughs, We Love Them!

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Find out more about our Choughs, black birds, rather like Jackdaws, with red beaks and legs.
Webcam looking across Vegetable Garden updated every 6 mins

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Webcam looking Northwest from the House updated every 6 mins

Wind Turbine Mast bent in storm and a blade broken to find out more...

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