We are supporting the campaign against Kelp Harvesting in Bantry Bay, West Cork. There was a Protest on land and sea on 1st July 2018. There are photos here and more links to the Kelp Protest

For the Weather Stats and Tide Data please go here. For Francis' Website go here where we have more on the Weather, Photography, Computing and Energy Generation.

We love our Choughs. Find out more about our Choughs, black birds, rather like Jackdaws, with red beaks and legs.

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Here are the Webcam Views, one from the Vegetable Garden and the other looking out on the Wind Turbine and Solar Photovoltaic Panels

The New Look

Submitted by francis on Fri, 03/29/2019 - 07:34

Well AT LAST here is the new site for Choughs. We will be adding content gradually over the next few weeks to bring things fully up to date.

This will include more about our Wwoofers and more about how we have developed the space around us.

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