Christmas and New Year holidays are over. Back to work this week, which must have been one of the wettest ever 87mm (3.5") of rain between Monday and Thursday! However the first row of Ytong blocks have been put in place as can be seen on the webcam shot on the left. Here is John carefully placing one of the first blocks. They are easy to cut with a band saw, or even a hand saw, and shape with a rasp. There is no cavity needed because the insulation is so good. This should make for a quick build of the walls, once the first row is in place.


Thanks to good dry weather Mike and John have managed to get the floor poured now, and the blockwork up to this level. The photo on the right shows the underfloor heating pipes in place prior to pouring the floor. The readymix was here at 0755 hrs to pour the floor, hence the lights, as this is before dawn. The Ytong Blocks for the main structure have arrived (All the yellow stuff on the left), so construction of the walls begins after the Christmas break on 7th January.


The Foundations are now in place, and the plot properly marked out. The blocks for the floor are laid and ready for the underfloor heating pipes to be set out. All the remaining pipes for services are fitted. Should be pouring the concrete floor later next week. The photo on the right shows the boss Mike making final level checks.


The plot is marked out, Foundations have been dug and about 25 cubic metres of concrete poured in. I don't think it is going anywhere! We are now ready for building - so block laying begins on Monday. We should see some real progress above the ground now.


All the rockbreaking has been done. The webcam on the left shows how a platform has been built up to level the slope in front of the house. A huge amount of rock has been cut out to make way for the extension, and also behind the cottage and down the side to put in a drain to take the water away from the floor levels. The foundations wil be dug next week, weather permitting. Very stormy at the end of this week. Winds frequently gusting over 50 Knots with hail and rain at times. Spectacular seascapes!


AT LAST WE HAVE STARTED!! Work began, as promised by Mike and John our builders, on 19th November 2007. This is the end of the first week of our Extension works. We have been here since March 2007. We hope to be finished come July 2008. We shall see!
On the left the WebCam shows the end of the house has been demolished and on the right can be seen the extension drawn out on the ground. Now for some Rockbreaking to cut back the foreground and make room for the house.