The Deep Dark Wood.....

Having fenced off the Bog Pond down by the road, we have now planted about 200 hedging plants and 75 trees, all of the native to Ireland.

Truffle, on the left, and Tara are reviewing progress.

Eventually when the trees grow up, and we plant even more trees, it wil become a Deep Dark Wood, until then it is so in name only.


Francis out sailing in Crookhaven Harbour wiht his friend Michael Whitford and Wwoofer, now friend, Marion from France.


Having cleared the rock, we built a Sheep Shed with a Hay Store and generator cupboard. Two Wwoofers, Elise and Matte a busy adding the sheeting with the help of a nail gun. Much quicker than a hammer.


Francis' Stephenson Screen (For Meterological Instruments) which he built aged 12 years has finally rotted beyond repair. T buy one is over £1000 would you believe, so he made one out of Oak for €130 including the cost of the paint.

Here it is under construction.


Finally after a long wait we have out Stained Glass Windows in the Hall from our friend Julia Shaw.

There is no leading, Each wiindow is made from three panels og glass with layers of coloured glass on top. Ther panels are mounted in an oak frame behind the double glazing.

The theme is 'Choughs' which by now you should realise We Love!

We love the windows too. A magnificent feature, and they hide the Air to Water Heat Pump outside the window.


Susy shears the sheep by hand. Sometimes with help from a handy person.

Here is Vincenz known as Ukki to his friends and family hanging on for dear life.

It is a slow process, but it works.


Rock Breaking in progress. We are behind the Donkey Shed, breaking rock for the three compost heaps. One in use, one 1 year old, the last 2 years old.

Also clearing rock to build a Sheep Shed


We have a new boat. A lovely boat. The sort of boat Francis should have had years ago! Forget the motor stuff, this one sails, well it does have an outboard as well. We are launching in Schull.

It is a Deben Lugger, and a delight! Two masts with lugsails.


Look at this nice Double Rainbow with the Wind Turbine on the left, and the Weather Station in the foreground


Wwoofer andrea from Spain working in the Polly Tunnel. It is really handy to have someone who is a Landscape Gardner, and understands plants! Andrea has been magikl!