The site is prepared for the extension to start.

Note the new grass, and full ponds. The end has been taken off the cottage, and alot of rock has been broken and removed from behind the cottage for a drain, nad the rock has been used to build up the platform you can see to redy the site for building. Well done to Danny the rock breaking king!


Topping the Orchard Trees

Susy is busy burning the small stuff following the tree topping. Thanks to Dick for braving the ladders with a chain saw. We now have plenty of firewood to prepare. The cottage is still there in it's entirity, but very soon the left hand end will be removed to make way for the extension.


Now we have our Ponds

There are two ponds with a 6ft waterfall fed bu the small spring, so running all year round. When it has been raining the stream feeding the upper pond can be quite full, so the waterfall is wonderful then. The earth from the bank has gone into the orchard area for raised beds. Note the long shed behind the garage for protecting the water holding tank, the small trailer and as a wood store.


The Garage Shed

This is behind the Garage to house the Water Tank which is gravity fed from the spring. THat is the big black thingy.

It is also to be used mainly as a Wood Store and Small Animal Houses


The Garage is Built.

The Barn has gone, demolished and used for dry stone walling in the lower pond and elsewhere. We plan to build a new stone barn next to the garage in the orchard. Note the sheep and the rushes growing well!


Here is the old house as it was and is no more!

Our sturdy 'Ifor Williams' trailer has been extremely useful. Not only on transporting things from the UK to sunny West Cork, but also here we bring it into action quite frequently for all sorts of things. Where would we be without it?


A New Garage

What progress! The old shed is knocked now, and replaced by the splendid garage. Thanks to Susy's brother Peter for painting it for us. The barn is still standing. The Rushes are growing well. Nothing eats them unfortunately, so we have been cutting them, and getting them so weak that the grass will take over. Susy has even tried some weeding to get rid of them. Sheeps Head can be seen in the background across Dunmanus Bay, a lovely blue in the summer sun.


Re-roofed Boar House

With improved drainage, a proper spring dug out for our water supply and a proper 'Poo Tank' we are beginning to settle in to our visits.The cottage is gradualy feeling more like home. We have replaced most of the windows with PVC, thanks to Chris for his help in supplying them! The orchard on the left is quite lush and the fuschia has been cleared away, leaving the banks exposed. Susy with her friends Lorna and Catherine took the old roof off the Boar House, and stacked the tiles. Francis and his friend Tony came along to put it all back again!


Our Beginnings

Susy is busy checking out the plan of the land on one of our early visits to the property. You can see the size of the fuschia overgrowing evrything, even hiding the Boar House (see below). The rusting corrugated iron roof of the stone barn can be seen in the background. Choughs have nested in this barn until we came to live here permanently. We think they did not like the cats. Fortunately thay re only half a mile up the road in a ruin. This has now been demolished to make way for the extension on the house.